Slip and Slide party

We ended up having warm and muggy weather for the Big Event. We played many games: Duck, Duck, Goose; Spin your Head on the Bat; Water Balloon Relay; Water Balloon Toss; and of course a small Water Balloon Fight.

Next we turned on the Slip and Slide. Thanks to good friends we were able to have a triple side, along next to our Star Wars slide.

Commander and Mr. Gladiator cooked up some good dogs and burgers. We sang Happy Birthday and ate our cupcakes.

Presents is always fun. Moose was lucky to get a lot of cool things.

Slip and Slide continued for a while and than we played Freeze Tag. Clean up was easy due to all our friends helping.

After everyone left, Commander crashed on the couch and Moose was in heaven playing with all the new toys.

I need to give a special thanks to Mr Gladiator's other half for being my personal photographer at the event. She got some really great photos. I still am sorting through them all. Thanks a million.

At kids parties I feel like there needs to be several hands to get the job done:Coordinator, Crowd Control, Food Organizer, Photographer, Videographer and Clean up crew. Like a wedding but it's a kids event.

I hope that everyone had a great time. The next event will probably be the Halloween Party. So I will need to enlist some help prior to the party.


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