For the past two years it has snowed near Easter. The day before we did our subdivision Easter Egg Hunt, I think that Moose and Bear really enjoyed it. We braved the cold only about 45 degrees out. Moose ran straight ahead of all the other kids to get eggs. Bear screamed and ran back to Nana. So thankfully she was able to help him get eggs. Sharkbait is still just along for the ride. On easter Day we had to wait for some of the snow to melt so that we could get the eggs. I love watching the kids go crazy over the candy.


Off with the Training Wheels

Big weekend..... We took off the training wheels. Moose seem to have fun one circle around the cul-de-sac, but than the frustration set in. He did not like how wobbly the bike was. He was quick to get off and go to something else. Patience my young grass hopper.


Natural Light

I tried to shoot with natural light. I am trying to learn the effects of exposure with natural light. Where in my home has good natural light and the best time of day. Concepts that are going to be process of learning to train my eye.
Sharkbait was so quick and now walking more- so he moves so much faster. Today I took the boys fabric and counter top shopping. What troopers they were. Especially since they all missed quiet time and naps. We should be expecting melt downs to happen from this point on until bed time. Wish us patience.


Top Chef

Only the perfect lunch could be served for the men in my life. Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets are a staple of lunch. Some of us prefer the finer things, such as Pizza Rolls. My kiddos are really into having candle light dinners. We put on music and dim all the lights- light the candle at the table and eat away. It's funny because we have had Nachos, Mac and Cheese; just normal dinner stuff but with a romantic touch.


Preschool Craft

The older boys come home every week with a preschool craft. This one was especially cute. I usually do not save or photograph any of the crafts. But Bear was so happy to wear this around at lunch time. This is my attempt to use textures in photoshop.


Stop Everything the Lego's Magazine Has Arrived

I would have never thought that when I ordered this Lego's magazine that his world would have stopped. He peered over every inch of this magazine. Moose asked commander to read almost every page. All day Sunday he read that magazine, even took it outside to read in the sun on the driveway. Boy that is dedication. We brought it to a restaurant that night and he was still glued to every page. If you have ever encountered this magazine, it has some really pricey Lego's that are not to be played with. Moose would ask how much the item was and if we or any other living relative would buy it for him.

Thinking of You

I am holding these special people near and dear to my heart at this time. With distance between us, I am unable to run off and visit for a hour here and there. Somewhere in my head I thought that I would have these people around for years to come. It has come over me that I may not. A road trip is in order.


Two Must Haves

Moose, Bear and Sharkbait all have two basic needs in life to help comfort them. One is the the left thumb and the other is their woo~woo. The thumb is obvious for sucking, and on road trips and right before drifting off to sleep they all make this humming noise. Hard to describe this nasal rhythmic noise; it is especially delightful when trapped in the car with all three when they are about to fall asleep. Than the woo~woo; all have a different color: Moose~Blue, Bear~Red, and Sharkbait~Green. The Woo~Woo's were made by Gram and the Aunts'. They come everywhere, but please do not ever try to leave home without one. This would be cause for tears, screaming, begging, thrashing, and kicking. This picture reminds me of how content with life you can be when you are surrounded by your two favorite things.


Please Pick Me Up

Sharkbait is so close to walking. Everyday brings more stability. Moose has been really wanting to help him learn to walk, where as Bear runs up to him and yells to scare him- so than he falls. We are sure by next week that he will be walking. So, hopefully I won't have him at my feet whining to be picked and carried.


Being Thankful

These are good friends of ours. Moose is only a couple months older than their son. It has been wonderful to raise children along side really great friends. I am very thankful that they are a constant in our life. Next week the moms are going to take a photography workshop together. I am looking forward to learning more and getting to spend the morning with my girlfriend.

With kiddos in preschool and the distance between us, we only get together every couple of months. Before it was twice a month. I miss getting to spend time with my friend.


Learning Something New

Bear was so proud that he learned how to button up his shirt this weekend. Patiently working on each button, not getting frustrated with the missed hole. He beamed with excitement. Bragging that he knew how to do something that Moose doesn't know how to do. There starts Sibling Rivalry.
Poor guy woke this morning screaming about his ear hurting. His doctors appointment confirmed an ear infection. He had no other symptoms. Hopefully by tomorrow his ear will not hurt him anymore.


Give Me Strength at 6am

No matter Rain, Shine, Winter, Saturday, or Wednesday; My kiddos are up with the come of dawn. We have tried to keep them up late, they still get up at 6am. This is a complaint in my current place in life, but I know that in 10 years I will be beating down their doors to get them out of bed before the day passes them by.


70 Degree's Just 12 Hours Ago

The cruel reality of the weather. At 4am there was no snow on the ground. Than a HUGE gust of wind that felt like it was going to blow our house down came in. To my shock at 6am there was a mini blizzard. Only 12 hours ago the the neighborhood kids were playing out side in short sleeve sheets. It was hot enough I thought about the air conditioner. I was sad for the commander his shooting match got canceled (due to weather), but we ended up having a great family day.

Land of K.A.

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