Breakfast of Champions

Thought that I would win best mom of the world with CAKE for breakfast.

Breakfast of Champions

It went over alright, mainly the frosting just got eaten.

We had left over cake from my grandmother's 90th birthday. It was a very delicious cake that my mom had made. I was very proud of her for making her mother-in-law this cake. She has not baked since the early 90's.

These are my favorite moments in life to just be with the people that you love.

Breakfast of Champions B


Play Dough

Trying to be think of things that will keep my three monkeys busy during the Holiday. We leave today and I am trying to anticipate some activity's to keep them occupied. When I first got this recipe, I thought that it could not be this easy. Than I made it. It defiantly makes me hungry for Pumpkin Pie.

Play Dough 2

If you are interested here's the recipe. Easy peasy....... All three boys helped. I figured who cares, who puts there fingers in it and licks, they are going to play with it. I know I am no Pioneer Woman when taking pictures of food- but thought I would share.

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough
5 1/2 cups flour
2 cups salt
8 teaspoons cream of tartar
3/4 cup oil
1 (1 1/12 ounces) container pumpkin pie spice
Orange food coloring (2 parts yellow, 1 part red)
4 cups water

Mix all of the ingredients together. Cook and stir over medium heat until all lumps disappear. Knead the dough on a floured surface until it is smooth. Store in an air tight container.

Play dough

Happy Thanksgiving to ya'all.


Alone Time

It is such a different world, now that the two older boys are in school half the day. Sharkbait and I get so much done. I don't mind running errands with one child. I usually do all the shopping with all three boys in tow.

There is a lot of whining, deal making and general sense of blahhh. I try to have one of the older boys walk, one in the cart for as long as possible and Sharkbait in the front. Someone is always trying to move places. It takes about a third more time than it should when I have all three with me.

So today I am happy that it will be him and me for a few hours this am. Hopefully all the shopping will get done. That way, when the older two join us, we can be force to recon with at the park in stead of at Costco.


Sometimes on the weekends when there is a lot that needs to get done, Commander and I split the kids up. That is nice to be alone with Moose or Bear and really get to talk to them while we are out.

One of our boys talks and talks when he is alone with us. It is funny and exhausting at the same time. I hope that when he is in college he will want to call home and talk, but I have a feeling that his talking will be directed elsewhere.


Third time is a CHARM

At the 6 year old well check he goofed around during the exam, than 4 months later the school nurse sends a report home about poor vision.

Still not believing it.

Moose Glasses jpg

Yes the results are true. The little man has some really poor vision is his right eye. He needs some pretty heavy strength prescription on that side. Of course do we carry vision insurance right now- well of course not.

Moose Googles

It warmed my heart how happy he was to get his first glasses. One of his really good friends has glasses. He proudly stated that he would be the FIRST one is his class to have glasses. I have been wearing my glasses more to help promote the usage.


While in the first 18 hours of owning the glasses, they already have a scratch in them. The vision center said they have Kid Warranty that would replace the lenses. I think I will wait for a bigger, badder scratch around day 5.


Theme Thursday: Thankful

About every 6 weeks, Commander and I play Poker with a group of 3-4 other couples. We have been playing for about 3 years now. We rotate who host the poker party, and everyone brings a dish to share as well as BYOB.

Whenever there is a new couple, one of them always wins. Big Money too. It is nice to see others win. But we are the only couple who has to dish out money for a babysitter to have a fun night together. Really who cares, we get adult conversation that is not filled with interruptions or whining.


Right now I am thankful for the friends in my life. I would say I have a couple of really close friends that have been with me for years. Some have moved away and staying current on things is tough, but there is still a bond. I think that friendship is work and when it fits, it is easy and fulfilling work.

Like most of us, our friends have seen us at our lowest points in life. They seem to console us with our aches and celebrate with our joys. I am always wishing for more time for friendship or money to physically see them.

Stacy inspired this day to be thankful. And really, I have a lot to thankful for. Loving family and friends, healthy kids, nice neighborhood, stable job and hobbies that are inspiring me to be better in life.


Family Friends

I took photos of the one of my best friends and her family. Actually we took each others photos this day. I was so nervous. I did not want to screw anything up. So many things were running through my mind. Was I gonna use the right aperture, shutter speed or ISO. Was I gonna get the composition right. She encouraged me to use my flash~ but of course my battery was out. Bummer....

Our families have been friends for longer than either of us have been a family. We meet in college. We reconnected right as we were having our first children. I still think of the day we were hanging out at the pool; the night I gave birth to Moose. It feels like yesterday.

Anyways, I think they turned out alright.

R Family  A

R Family C

R Family K

R Family

R Family 2

R Family G

I am using her photos that she took of my family for our Christmas Cards. Now if only I get her to move near me so that we could see each other more than once every couple of months.


No sleepin' around here

My kids have forever gotten up with the sun. Like if there is day light, they might miss something amazing happening.

I have tried to get them to tell time and keep them in their rooms till the clock reads 7:00am, no luck there.

I have tried to bribe them about making them breakfast in bed, no luck there.

We constantly remind them that is it the weekend and no need to get up early. If we keep them up late at night, it takes a couple of days for them to need to catch up on sleep. So than when I am trying to get ready for school, they are sleeping in till 7:00am. The bus picks up at 7:20 or I take them to school at 7:40am.

No Sleepin

Along with no sleep, I have three little boys that all have low grade fevers. A variety of coughs, general grumpiness and runny noses. I am pullin out all the stops. Big glass of Orange Juice in the morning, Chicken Noodle Soup at lunch and even a new DS Game to keep them still long enough to rest. Why is it when I am sick, I want to curl up on the couch. Not my monsters; they are still going strong.



You Say it's Your Birthday.....

The boys think that every birthday needs to have a party. It's hard to explain to them that when you get older, you mainly just celebrate with your family and really close friends. Even after talking with them, they asked.... So when is the PARTY????

I am off to make her favorite Dessert: German Chocolate Cake.....

Nana 2008

So, I too saw that 5 Minutes for Mom was having a fun with food photo contest. This is Moose at our Annual Family Valentine's Day Dinner with our usual Lobster and Steak Special. If you have time, stop by and see all the fun photos of messy kids with food.

500$ Grocery Card Please



Stacy introduced the theme today for home. Boy, was I baffled. Do I post something about how I need to sweep up the kitchen daily since we no longer have a dog. How the dining room table is a mountain of clothes on laundry weekend.

After pondering this for some time. I thought about how much I really liked my home. It feels comfortable to me. Sure there are things that I would change. Crown molding in the entire house. Dark stained hardwood floors throughout. Change the Master Bath Shower. When we moved here about 5 years ago, I really wanted to buy a home built in the 1900's and fix it up. I know it would have been A LOT of work~ still I drive buy those homes and wonder.

But when I walk through my door- it feels good.

Drool Home

I know the picture is not a room or object in my home. I took pictures around my home and they just felt awkward. Like none of it flowed. But this feels like what I live.


Boring Old Me

Cara tagged me for 6 random facts about me. Wow, who new that it would be hard for me to talk about me.

Every night after all the kids are tucked in bed I have two pieces of dark chocolate. I don't have a favorite type of chocolate, but my personal jar of candy is always full of a variety.

I shower at the YMCA at least 3 times a week. My excuse is that the boys are in Child Watch and no one is banging at the door or getting into the things they shouldn't be.

I have the best of both worlds: Stay at Home Mom and Working Mother. I only work twice a week~ but wish my boss would let me go to only once a week. And my mom watches all my boys while I work. I am very grateful that she is able to do this for our family.

I am a Pediatric Nurse at a Children's Hospital. Currently, I work in the recovery area. Where kids come right after surgery. The only thing I don't like about my job is the drive. It takes about an hour drive time each way.

I love movies. Before Commander and I had a family, we watched a lot of movies together. I know that someday we will be able to watch movies as a family. Right now only one of the three boys can sit long enough.

My friends joke that we live the 1950's. Our family eats dinner at about 5pm every night. Yes that's right, dinner is ready to eat at 5pm. Even Commander has dinner ready of the kids at about 5:30pm when I work.

That was way harder than I thought it would be. Like most of us, the pictures we take are mainly of our families and our surroundings, never catching us in the moment with them. I was happy after downloading some pictures this summer to find this good shot of my middle son and I.

Boring old Me

Have a lovely Week......


Hot Cocoa

One of my favorite things about the cold weather. The excuse to drink more hot cocoa. When my insomnia strikes I normally have a cup in the middle of the night. But I feel like I can have a couple of cups any time during the day.
This one of his first experiences with hot cocoa. I swear the cup is as big as his head. I think he liked it by all the smiles and signing to me that he wanted more.

Hot Cocoa 1
Hot Cocoa 2
Hot Cocoa 3



I have been Feeling Lost...... for the last couple of days. My mind wandering to the what if's in life. Not sure if I need change or just to find peace in my surrounding.


But thankful that Commander found old photos on the hard drive. We thought that we accidentally deleted Bear's 4 year old birthday pictures and some of Sharkbait when he was little. I was recently catching up on scrap booking and was sad that I was missing this important event in his life.


Custume Glory

We carved our pumpkins on Halloween Eve. The evening started off good. Each of the older boys had an idea of how they wanted their pumpkins to look. The grandparents came over to share in the fun. The pictures were drawn on the pumpkins and the carving began.

Next thing I know Bear grabs the knife over my hand and his index finger is bleeding away...... I held pressure on it for some time. Got band-aides and tried to put the flap of skin back down. Bear seemed fine~ so we finished the evening with decorating our pumpkins.

The next day we met Commander for lunch, we thought that we would check out the finger. OH NO..... The flap of skin is wide open and swollen. It is hours before the BIG event.

So off to the Children's Hospital Urgent Care we go. They cleaned it out- put a reinforced dressing on it and splint and away we went. Bear called it his personal gun(only a boy would think of that). I am so happy that he saw the glass half full.
Bear Finger

Halloween 2008
Did you notice the Michel Jackson glove on the mini Darth Vader Bobble Head?

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