This Flag is very special to me. My grandfather served our country for many years. My husband helped me understand the tremendous respect to have for a flag when you have the chance to handle it. It can never touch the floor and should be honored at all times. We bought a case for the flag and have it hanging above my computer. I glance up at it and remember my grandfather. In a grandfathers book he briefly talks about what he did for the service. But I wish I was able to ask more questions. Now that I am older I feel that I have more of an interest to know all about it.
I hope that I am able to get the opportunity to talk to my other grandfather about his experience in Pearl Harbor.


Worst Week Ever

Our week started out kind of rough.
Tuesday:Nana called me at work to meet her at the Urgent Care because Shag got hit in the head, by a golf club. Yes I said GOLF CLUB. It was an accident, but now Moose knows there is NO swinging a club when someone else is near you. So two staples in the head. Three hours later the kid wanted to put a bike helmet on and ride around like nothing happened. You and I would be on the couch for the rest of the day.
Wednesday: Shag vomits several times during the night- not projectile. So I was not thinking head injury.
Thursday: Shag and mom tired. But he is buzzing around by 10:00 am, full of energy. Bike ride after dinner.
Friday: Shag is not doing well. My two year old will not get off the couch, responds only to pain. (this is the kid who does not sit still for longer than a couple of minutes) The nurse hot line tells me to call 911. Panic sets in and I can not tell which way is up. At the local hospital he is cleared of a head injury, but still does not perk up after fluid boluses and lunch. The doctor wants to admit him at the Children's Hospital for further testing.
Friday Night: Shag is not allowed to eat and gets his finger pricked every one-two hours through the night into the next day. They are trying to let his blood sugar drop to dangerous low and than draw a bunch of blood and give him an emergency medicine to increase is blood sugar again.
Saturday: Shag's blood sugar dropped, but not to the dangerous level. Yeahhhhh.... So the specialist explains that he is diagnosed with a condition in which he does not have much of a fat storage. So therefore he can drop his blood sugar dangerously low.
Sunday: Shag is wrestling with his brothers like nothing ever happened.

What did mommy learn. That Shag needs to eat. Even if he refuses his dinner, our house rule of no bedtime snack needs to be bent for him. He can either have his dinner again, or something that is a long acting sugar. Yes, I am the mommy that put my two year old to bed without a snack because he did not eat his dinner. The good thing about his diagnosis is that he will grow out of it by school age and will not have any long term implications.



Goinin Golfin

Bear Golfin
Moose Golfin

The boys have had golf clubs since they were months old. Can you guess that one of the grandparents LOVES golf. They enjoy their time out on the range.
Maybe the next Tiger Woods? I am sure that Pop has someone much better in mind, I just don't know the golfer's names.


Out Numbered


Commander and I are always out numbered. But on this weekend, I watched one of my best friend's kids. Her brother got married in Mexico and she photographed his wedding. She did an amazing job. We do not get to see them as much since we moved an hour away. But I know we would create chaos if we were closer. Our hubbies would surely put a limit on visitations.

All the kids were LOUD this weekend, but really good. Well her kids were good, our kids were WILD. I always wanted a really big family. But is was confirmation for commander that 3 is enough.


Lost in a Book


I was recently invited to join a Book Club. It has been really fun. I have not read in over 6 years. When I started riding the bus to work is when I really started to enjoy reading again. An hour ride each way helps to get a lot of reading done. It has been fun to lose my self within a book.

My mom can read a book in a day or two. I have not mastered that skill yet. Currently we are reading Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee. It is an easy light hearted book. Do you have any suggestions for our next book?




Recently an aunt and uncle were in town for a visit. All my relatives live far away, except for my parents and one grandmother. I wish they all lived close. I grew up with many friends having ALL their family live within minutes of their homes. They saw cousins at the grocery store, walking around town or at school. When my in-laws moved farther away I was sad. I think it would be so great see all of my family more often. I long for better relationships with all of my family.

I feel my boys are missing out on understanding what family means. They ask about why they do not have cousins. I have been an only child for most of life, and my husband now only has a brother who does not have any children.

Many people complain about their families and how dysfunctional they are. I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side.


Snow Outfits

Snow Spidermen

One might not think of putting on your spiderman outfit to go play in the snow. But my older two boys, that's what they thought of.


Spring Snow

Snow Guys
Spring Snow
I've fallin'

Spring Snow is a lot of fun to play in. All the neighborhood kids and dad's have been having evening snowball fights. It is warm enough to be outside without ALL the gear.

It was really nice to see Moose care for his baby brother when he fell in the snow without his gloves on.

Personally I am ready for Spring, but I know the boys have had a good time playing in the spring snow.


My Middle Child

Some family members think that this reminds them of our middle child- Bear


New Journey


Commander got a new JOB........ Yea!.... Bummer that it is so far away. But in this economy, a job is a job. He likes the work so far, but hates the drive.

I have accepted a second job. It is really, really close to home. So I will be working full-time until I figure out which job I really want. The job I have I really like but it is an hour away. My boss and I get along and I just enjoy what I do. So only time will tell. I am kind of stressed about working full-time. But I know it is temporary. Hopefully, I can figure out sooner than later which job I want for the long run. I love the summer and already miss the boys with my increase in hours. I keep telling myself it is temporary and not permanent- but I still feel a BIG loss. It is my decision to work both jobs. I am too nervous to take a leap of faith. The second job is a start up and may not be busy for a long time.

But I am happy that I have started to pick up the camera again and day dream about being a photographer and switching careers all together.




He loves these hockey sticks. A friend let us borrow some for a block party. All the kids played street hockey and he fell in love. I went on craigslist and bought some used beat up ones for really cheap and all the kids love them. Since they were so cheap, I could care less how rough they are with them.

Now if I could just find some more classic BIG wheels, all the kids could race down the street.

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