Sharkbait in His Enviroment

The second picture I thought was very clear when I took it. Since I have Bell's Palsy when I look out the left eye it is really cloudy. It makes it hard to take pictures of the kiddos. I had to manually close my left eye or tape it~ forgot which. Thank goodness the child loves to take a bath. So he could stay there forever.


Thinking Of Your Laugh

This is a great picture of him. He always has such a welcome smile and big laugh. He recently retired and I am hoping that he is enjoying on working on his hot rod. We are thinking of him right now and will keep him close to our hearts. He was recently hospitalized and we are waiting to hear how soon he will recover.


We got to spend the evening with just Bear and Sharkbait. Wow... How quiet a home can be when you take the talker out of the mix (Moose). We treated Bear and Sharkbait to Dairy Queen. Ice cream was all over Bear's face and Sharkbait keep signing "more" with his fingers.



Moose dug out this bat the other day and went outside. I was surprised how he was able to throw the ball up and hit it. I love the way I am always amazed.

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