Wishing for Spring


Wishing for Spring to come quickly.


Candle Light Dinner


Our boys love to eat by candle light. We eat easy peasy meals, to fancy meals all under candle light. I hope they remember these fun special things that we did for them.


Snow Bird

The last time it snowed, Moose told me he did not want to stand in the cold and wait for the bus. I don't blame him. When I ride the bus to work, I wait in my car till the bus pulls in the station and than run to the line.

But it sure broke my heart after I dropped him off at school to pass the bus stop for the middle school kids. Some just sweatshirts on, no hats, no gloves and one kid in shorts- only a couple of kids wearing real winter coats. It was 9 degrees and the wind was blowing. I stopped and offered to let them wait in the car. But of course they said no. I would want my kids to say no to the stranger as well, but it was hard to drive away. At one stop there was other parents waiting with their kids in the car, but two kids still standing out in the cold. Did the parents offer, did the kids say no???? Riding the bus can be such a pain in the butt some times........



Little People

Recently I was able to sell most of our Little People sets. And wouldn't you know it the moment I got them out to sell, the kids went crazy over them. They had not touched them in months. So when getting them ready, I held back a couple of cute ones to still play with. After selling the other sets, maybe he is still not to young for them. He just always wants to play with whatever the older boys play with.



Dog Pile

I have yet to understand why boys always want to wrestle. It was in the 50's so all the neighbor hood kids were out. At first they were just sliding down the hill, than it was crashing into each other, and it ended in wrestling. Even my 2 two year old was getting in on the action.



Commander is now Mr. Mom.......

Roles are versing, but hopefully not for long.

Work Force Reduction is the new term for Laid Off

Simply means to me- how do we pay the mortgage or eat.
Lucky I have a part time job that I can pick up extra hours.

I think it is a strange thing to fall in LOVE again
in your darkest hours.
He has been optimistic, upbeat, and wonderful with the boys.
I have been a mess sprawled out on the floor.

Land of K.A.

Mother May I

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