Pediatricians Bear

At the pediatricians office there sits this over stuffed Bear. It is a greeting to all the children who come for a visit. Well I have a personal beef with stuffed animals. I think they are gross, yucky and full of bahhhh. Don't get me wrong I did have a stuffed bear growing up and still have him in a trunk, and many dolls and other stuffed things. But as an adult, yuck. My boys each have 1 or 2 stuffed animals, mainly from build-a-bear. Cute yes, but still.
When I work, kids are always coming out of surgery with their stuffed things. Of course I quickly give them they animal, but I always think how gross they are.
Anyways back to the pediatricians bear. For years I have directed the boys not to touch this gross overstuffed germ filled thing that greets all the sick children. But I am trying to let go of my hesitations and see that the kids really want to hug and love this thing. It gives them a smile both on the way in and way out of the office.



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Run Away

75% of the time when I am taking pictures of the boys, they are running away from me. I try to get their attention, but often this is what I get.
But I want to see their faces................

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