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1860's Frontier Town outside Canon City. The authentic buildings and gun fight were really something. We pull up and hear gun fire. Our boys could hardly contain themselves. They wanted in to see all the action.

The buildings were really neat. They preserved artifacts from the town and placed them in each building. At the local store, they sold souvenirs. How could we resist getting toy guns. Especially after the gun fight.

Every couple of hours there is gun fight in the middle of the town street. The actors walk the walk and talk the talk. Theirs guns have blanks in them and are LOUD. We saw two different gun fights and both were fun.

The really show came when our older boys started to act out the gun fights. Best two bucks we spent on a toy in awhile. It was hard to tell the boys that they could not fire their weapons in the car. Well geez mom- we just got these really cool toys and now you want us to be quiet.


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