Devoured with Love

I got up earlier than all the troops, so that I could eat a peaceful breakfast. Well by the time that I got my coffee made and breakfast ready to start cooking, some the troops were up. Not shocked because is was 6:45 am, and I know they don't want to waste a minute to sunlight on sleep.
So, on to plan B- still make breakfast and hope that I get to eat it before it is cold. While trying to wolf down my breakfast, someone was very interested and asked for a bit. Shocked that he liked it and even more surprised when Moose asked me to make him and egg toast breakfast. Since one of the troops was still sleeping it was an easier task. To add a special something for him, I put in a heart. When I served him his plate, he had a BIG smile. Moose ate the breakfast so fast. Like how I envision a teenager to eat. He ate every last drop of egg on the plate. I took that as a compliment to the chef.
30 minutes later when the other trouble maker woke up to eat- Moose ate a second breakfast. But this time it was not gourmet at all. Pop tarts........



Catchy title. Can you guess who's freckles belong to who?
Commander no cheating.

Of course, I Googled about this post- doing my research. Big surprise that freckles are genetic. I knew that I would like for a little girl to have freckles (visioning someone like Julianne Moore)- but on my boys I was not sure. Commander has a few, but nothing like me. All my boys have angel kisses. But very unique to them. Whenever I am thinking about their angle kisses, I am surprised how different they look from one to another.
I have tons......... BIG, little, and all over. Moose has a couple of tiny ones on his nose and cheeks. Bear has the most; they are medium sized. Sharkbait does not have many yet, but they are the biggest.
Some very famous men had freckles, so I can hope that our boys follow in their footsteps: Vincent Can Gogh, William Shakespeare, George Washington, Galileo, and Mark Twain.


Oh Sexy Girlfreind

Moose keeps talking about his girlfriend. Well~when doesn't he talk. She is on the same T-Ball team and boy I'll tell you what, he is over the moon with her. When we arrive at the fields he looks for her. He knows what kind of car her mom drives. Thank goodness she likes him back. They throw the ball together and luckily they got put on the same team. After practice is over- when Bear is playing, they roam around together. Her mom even jokes "have you seen the love birds". I made a comment that he wants her to play Star Wars with him, and her mom said she likes Star Wars. Moose says that she is R2-D2 and he is the storm trooper that gives her coverage. What more could guy ask for: older, tall, pretty, likes t-ball and Star Wars. Bummer that she is goes to a different school, he may have found a soul mate..............


Praying Mantis

Commander and Moose were out grilling and saw this Praying Mantis on our screen door. Of course Moose decided that he needed to capture the bug and save it for later or keep it. He quickly ran to get the bug cage. Commander grabbed and threw it in. Thank goodness no lives were lost in transition. Over dinner we were told how the female eats the male and the boys eat insects. Moose kept asking if we could keep it~ with no hesitation the answer was always "No". So after dinner, we needed to go see if the bug stayed alive. Indeed the praying mantis was getting restless in the cage. Moose really wanted to take it out, but under no circumstances would he touch it. Great Grandma was here to save the day. She just let that bug crawl on her hand and up her arm. Moose cringed with every movement. I know they are masters of camouflage, but he was green the entire time- before he ever went into the bug cage. I finally convinced the troops to let him go.



Three Adult and Five Kids. Out numbered we were. But what a great afternoon. Spur of the moment, one of my best friends and I decided to take the kids for a hike. And I was thrilled that Commander wanted to join us. Only twenty minutes from home and we were surrounded by beauty. Commander and I were worried that Bear would not make it up the trail, and we would be carrying two of our three children. After about 20 minutes of straight up a rock hill, we were all questioning to turn back or not. Bear was one of the leaders and never wanting to stop. Why were we worried- his center of gravity was the lowest of the group~ he just scampered up to the top. I was happy we decided to forge ahead. Lunch at the top was peaceful, and it was nice to get Sharkbait out of the carrier. He was hard to just let walk around- just due to no solid flat ground and pine needles or sharp rocks every where. The trail down was smoother. We got a glimpse of what the future~ enjoying afternoons with our kids. There was little whining and tons of great conversation afterwards. We are hoping to take the older boys camping in a month, I only hope it goes as smooth as this.



Boy was it hot....... What a great idea the neighbors had to turn on the sprinklers and run through them. I was surprised that it did not last very long. The kids all wanted to put toys on the sprinkler and cover it put. Even though it was not long lasting it worked to cool everyone off. The boys love to play with all the neighbors. We have been very lucky to live in a neighborhood that is filled with kids. In our cul-de-sac there is 13 kids under the age of 12, with 2 more moving in. There are 6 teenagers. It is busy around here. There is always someone out playing.


Red Helmet

Sharkbait just loves this helmet. Almost every time we go in the backyard he finds this helmet and puts it on. Backwards is the key the wearing this helmet. As you can see it is too big. Sometimes we he is playing it falls forward in his face, but never does he get frustrated with it. he just pulls it back and keeps on truckin'.



I had such a fun afternoon with just Moose. We did bubbles outside. He was so calm and laughing so much. He seems to not like to be alone- so he always wants someone to be with or play with him. I was not complaining this day- it was a great afternoon.

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