What About Me?

Oh~ how much noise Sharkbait made when he was looking out the window at the older boys playing football with the commander. If only he could walk he would be in the thick of it. He would bang on the glass every once in awhile to get their attention.

Almost Walking by Himself

Sharkbait is so close to walking by himself. This was his first venture outside walking. The weather is starting to warm up. I think that I want him walking, but than remember that it is more work to chase them.


I Can't See You

Push Me Higher


Happy Birthday Sharkbait

Only a week late to celebrate the little guys birthday. Out of all the boys he was the only one to dive into the cake and get frosting everywhere.


Love Morning Hugs

Sharkbait just learned to HUG. Last night when I go home from work he headed straight for me, head down and crawling at lightening speed (butt wiggling and all). This morning getting out of the crib he just melted my heart with how hard he pressed his head into me to hug me. I hope I remember this feeling forever.


Rough Night

Moose had rough night. Crying, whining, needy, and just plain mad at his parents. So seeing this picture reminds me of my sweet boy. Oh how I hope a new day brings a new attitude.


Thank Goodness for New Toys

I love when I change out toys. I get about 30 minutes of peace.

~NO Fighting, No Yelling, No Trantrums~

Anakin ???

Which Boy am I?



Longing For the Return of Summer

A New Found LOVE

Ahh~ the day the boys feel in LOVE with the computer. Should I dare say Like Father Like Sons. The boys beg to play Star Wars Legos on the computer. Since they have been sick for a week with fevers, I cave and pretty much let them do whatever. I did put a stop to the gaming after Commander and Moose played the game for about 2 1/2 hours straight. Maybe I should not have interfered with the bonding.

Yummy Valentines Dinner

Commander always cooks us Steak and Lobster for Valentine's Dinner. We celebrated early this year due to our work schedules. I love going to the Asian Market and picking out the Lobster from the tank. The boys seem to like seeing and playing with the lobster-but still have not acquired the taste.

Happy Birthday Bear


Passing the Time

Can I PLEASE have another COOKIE!!!!!

Set up your Indians so I can ATTACK.

True Winter Drool

Can I have a BIG KISS.........

Land of K.A.

Mother May I

red BSM button

Shutter Sisiters


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