Mars needs more MOMs

Everything about books is cool to me; the smells, the feel, the rollercoaster of liking or not liking a story. So the boys and I go to the library pretty frequently. I am trying to foster this same love of books. Currently my kids are not patience enough to look through the shelves to find the books that may peak their interest. They go through more in a SMASH AND GRAB way, not sitting and lingering on covers of pages to see if there is a spark. Our typical run through is to hit the major sections of superheros, military and bugs. Than I normally have a stack of children’s book ‘s I have already reserved. I reserve them based on recommendations by other mom’s, amazon searching of books.

One search I found this book. Mars needs more moms by Berkeley Breathed. The story is the beautiful imagination of a toddler whose looking for his mom on Mars. Great story but better illustration. By far my current favorite…………… It is vivid, lively and loveable. The colors just pop. I was in awe almost every time I have read th
is story. It ranks higher than the David series by David Shannon.






This is our book recommendation.

So what books would you recommend that we go check out?


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It seems that small details need to be finished and it is hard to find the time when the pool and summer fun calls us to come play.

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