Sand Dunes

3 boys in Sand

The Great Sand Dunes in Mosca, CO. About 40 minutes outside of Alamosa, CO. This was the last stop on our vacation. Boy was it beautiful. Breathe-taking actually. The drive into the park made you think of how amazing this place is.

The Sand Dunes was basically created from the wind draft hitting the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and dropping all the sand it carried through the valley. I'll tell you what, seeing sand hills in the middle of no where was really cool.

When you first walk toward the sand dunes you are met with this cool stream. We had to take off our shoes to walk across. Than put them back on to continue to the long walk to the first of many hills of sand. We had heard that you should bring a sled and let the kids ride down the dunes. We carried the sled up one hill and it was NO GO. The sled just stuck to the sand.

Bear was hot and tired and was not able to continue upward on the hills. Him, Sharkbait and I walked back- but it was a LONG ways back to the stream. There was a lot of whining and bribing with food along the way. But once we got back to the stream it was a mess of fun. Seeing Sharkbait drive head first in the the shallow stream of water and sand was fun.

Moose and Commander continued on the with a quest to get as high as they could. Moose did well for a 5 year old. When he got back to us, I could tell he was tuckered out. The feel of the cold wet sand in your toes was pretty neat. This was a nice ending to our first family vacation.


Stacy August 28, 2008 at 1:35 PM  

That looks so fun! What cool sand dunes and that water looks so refreshing contrasted with the sand. I hope you had a change of clothes LOL!

Joanna September 11, 2008 at 7:28 PM  

That looks like one of the coolest places to visit. All that sand! But it looks so beautiful. I think the 1st and the 4th shots are my faves. But c'mon...those mountains are beautiful too! Great shots :0)

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