Instead of cleaning the house, finishing Xmas Shopping, making food of the week, or a million other small things.
I cleaned out every TOY in our house. Getting ready for the new invasion of toys this week. Not only did I clean the toys, I checked all clothing sizes and reorganized all clothes storage. Too small one bin, right size drawer, and next size up different bin. Than a healthy consignment pile and donate pile. It felt good but I was exhausted.
It didn't stop there. After the kids were in bed I went to the toy storage. We rotate out toys, so they don't get tired of all there toys. Wish I could see how other people kept toys in their kids room or somewhere else. I need new ideas. In the toy storage I jsut made sure all toys were grouped in with each other and have an idea of what new bins I will need based on Christmas lists.

One of boys is a sneak. This is the second time I have found food in his room. I worry, why is hiding food, AND when is he getting it. He must be stealth during quiet time, or is he planning it and putting it in pockets before going up stairs. Are bad food habits getting started????
Anyways is was a surprise to find the wrapper stash while bad cleaning this weekend.


We all Wii

Almost everyone I know got a Wii this year.
It has consumed us.
It is fun.
I think it is crazy that a 2 1/2 yo has fun on Mario cCart going the wrong way.
Commander came home early and played Wii minutes upon arrival.


Merry Chirstmas ***Take 2***

The Black and White version is nice, but less festive....


Happy Holiday's



Merry Christmas ***Take 1***


How do you think they get child models just set and look sweet for a photographer? Do you think that they are bribed and with what? Really how were they trained. Maybe they don't ever photograph with their siblings. Maybe the photographer has someone else assisting, place the child, think of details in the shoot, do the lighting. Someday I will have a trained and paid assistant to do all this for me. Than my unpaid helpless husband can get back to his life.


Land of K.A.

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