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Moose was so excited to start Kindergarten. He wanted me to write on small piece of paper his room number, teacher's name and his name- in case he got lost. He put the paper in his pocket- so that it could not get lost. Driving to school I turned down a different road and he even knew the way to school (he wondered why I was taking a different way).

He jumped out of the car and told his brothers to hurry up. It was like he had done all this before. We waited for the cross walk guard to come, than he crossed without hestiation. I was lagging behind with Sharkbait, Moose lead the way.

Straight to the play ground, and off he was.........

I stayed a bit far behind to see if he needed me, and not at all. Bell rang, all the kiddos lined up to follow the teacher to the room. Quick hand wave good-bye and than he left.

1/2 day of Kindergarten goes fast. Before I knew we had to be back to pick him up. Moose said he had a great time. He even told Bear- "don't you want to grow up and be like me".

I am sure that the morning toll of being at school at 7:55am will be a grind- but than we have all afternoon to play. Trying to see the up side.


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