Sunday Night Fun

We have played co-ed softball on Sunday Nights for about 4 years.
I grew up playing competitive fast pitch softball.
He played little league baseball and was more of a football player.

I have enjoyed having this as our something.
We are grateful to my parents who watch the three monkeys
every Sunday while we play.

Some years our team is good and some years just OK

After each game the boys all run the bases

I play in-feild and he plays outfield. It's nice for both of us to have our competive outlet.
But really it is just Sunday Night co-ed Softball........


Changing Table

I see this sign and hope I do not have to look for it again until I have grand kids. Potty training.......
Such joys.........



Sit Together Please

I have been trying for awhile to get the expose in my bathroom right. The lights are far from them, and the tub is in a dark corner. Then of course you have three children who don't really want to sit still for me. The whites are not turning out. So why not run an action to distract the eye.
High ISO, and no flash.

Next I need to start working on my flash exposure. I really need a lot of help with this one. Have a nice speedlight, but unsure of how to manipulate the settings.



Oh how I love these capes
Gram made them and they are so wonderful
Reversible and smooth satin
Inital on each, different lengths
Hours of enjoyment

I just need to figure out how to get them
in focus during the action





This kid LLOVESSSSS motorcycles.
He can spend a day racing one around the house.
He squeals when commander rides home on his motorcycle.




The plan was for a road trip to Mount Rushmore.
Two days prior to leaving we had no clue what route,
what activities, or what the plan was.

Stress~ so many projects hanging over our heads.

Instead we had a stay~cation and wiped out our list:

Caulk the outside of the new sliding glass door
Cut trim boards for inside frame of new sliding glass door
Caulk the trim and door
Paint the trim around door
Install a whole house fan (not a ceiling fan)
Send picture of old sliding door to recycle company
Remove wasp nest from a high peak of the house
Change felt pads on underside of chairs in eating area
Paint kitchen trim around counter tops
Touch up paint all base boards in house
Pour cement pad for shed in back yard
Host dinner for good friends
Buy camera lens
Drive to Boulder to pay lumber yard for sliding glass door
Move some furniture around
Organize school supplies
Pack donation and take away
Some odd returns
Organize and edit pictures from past 2 months
Get new book for book club
Grocery shop twice
Found out Shag's crib was recalled
Assembled Shag's BIG BOY bed
Build Lego star destroyer

Just to name a few.......


We are gonna need a vacation from our stay~cation



What better way to learn to slide for T-Ball.

But it always make me think of this song:

When you're sliding into first
And your pants begin to burst
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into two
And your pants are filled with goo
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into third
And you feel a greasy turd
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into home
And your pants are filled with foam
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

Name that movie?


T-Ball Season is Over

I wish that my close friends and I could have our kids in every sport together. I looked forward to going to practice twice a week and the games on Friday. Even though it was 90 degrees out with no clouds and I would often forget chairs. It was nice to sit and talk for 45 minutes so many times a week during practice.
So cute here, but not really into it this year.
Would rather play with the grass.
Totally into it and knew what all the kids should of have done.



First camping venture. Such highs and lows.
show up to light drizzle,
fresh air,
nice camping spot next to lake,
water skiing,
one kids vomits,
luckily there are showers facilities,
good dinner,
wind and rain,
no one sleeps well,
great breakfast,
water skiing,
small hike,
no one eats dinner,
camp fire,
lots of whining,
conversation with good friends,
no one sleeps,
diarrhea at 4am for another kid,
no one eats breakfast,
water skiing,
I thought it went well.

Land of K.A.

Mother May I

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