Boring Old Day

Today was catching up on a pile of sewing. Eight pants with holes in the knees, a dress hem, hat reconstructed, 1 of 3 capes refastened, and 3 number shirts.


This guys has been sick.
You know something is up when your 2yo who does not sit still, falls asleep next to you while you sew. Poor Guy........

Next up homemade stromboli. My mother-in-law's recipe. I remember hers is good, hopefully mine will turn out.


Our Evening

We started out the 3 hour cooking adventure like this


Then we finished it like this


We let things digest by doing this


And ended our evening with this


Happy Birthday Commander................
We LOVE you




It's been so cold. We hardly ever go out anymore. A glimpse of sunshine and he made his way out.


Happy Belated Belated Belated Birthday


Yummy dinner and than they brought out the SADDLE
Like the great sport she is, she hopped on and let us
sing Happy Birthday and Ye-Haw to her.

I could not have asked for a better mother-in-law.
My only problem is that they live 2 1/2 hours away.
Wonder how we can get them to sell their newly bought
home to move closer to us????? Don't think it's going
to happen, but I can ponder.

We love you Gram........

Shaggy get back in BED !!!!!


It's late he should be in bed.
But this is how he greets us.
Too cute to really be mad at.





Here's to Good Neighbor's


We have really good neighbors. I have enjoyed really getting to know them all these past couple of years. It feels like a community raising kids. In the summers we spend many evening out in the cul-de-sac together, so in the winter it sometimes feels like we don't talk that much. It was fun to celebrate New Year's Eve and than walk two doors down. It can be over whelming with all the kids in one house, but it fun.


12:10 am

We started out the evening really good.
Dinner with Grandma S, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and my Parents
Invaded the neighbors house to celebrate with all of my family
Sad to see them leave TOOOOO early in the eveing (but I know they left at 5am this morning)
We lasted until 12:10. Those last 20 minutes were rough.
Kids were glassy eyed.

My 7 yo is handling the camera pretty well.
Especially for 12:15am.

I think the kids did not get the memo to sleep in after being up so late.
7:05am- "MOMMMMMEEEE, can I sleep with you"
7:12am- next child, "Ma can we go play the Wii"

Happy New Year
Looking forward to the many good things this year will bring

Land of K.A.

Mother May I

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