Moose is 6

Wow.... That is all I have been saying for the last couple of days. My first baby is 6 years old. I remember what I was doing 6 years ago today. Laying in a hospital bed feeling hot as hell- from the magnesium sulfate medication so that I would not worsen from HELLP syndrome. I was unsure of what to name this little guy and Commander was sure of the name. He was such a proud father that day.

Looking through pictures just amazes me. Moose is turning into a great kid. He is starting to be kind and think of others. He asks politely to do things. Moose thrives off of alone time with his parents. He helps out with the other boys a lot.

So for his special day, he was greeted with donuts~ which I know he likes. He got to pick out what we did for the day. He wanted to go to the Zoo. So off we went. Moose wanted our 5 Spice Chinese Pork for dinner with Fried Cheese Wontons. For dessert chocolate cake with ice cream. And Presents...... What could be better.


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