BSM: Today

BSM Moose and Bear

When I see this picture I can hear their laughter.

Wish I could of got all three boys together but that is proving to be difficult. Someday I will get all three of them in the moment of laughter.

Tracey writes so lovely about capturing her Today with her girls.


Slow Mode


This is how it should be.

The smell of laundry consuming our house (one of my favorite smells). People laughing and encouraging each other. No matter if it is playing Star Wars Legos game.

At our house there is no gaming until after lunch. We started that because our older boys would get up before the sun to play on the computer. Today Bear asked for lunch so that he could play on the computer. I said I was busy folding laundry, but he was welcome to make his own lunch. He DID!!!! Well with a little help.

This is not a great picture, but after this week. Today is what we needed........


Theme Thursday: Idle

Idle 2

Stacy suggested Idle for this weeks theme. I was so set to get some photos of us relaxing and enjoying the time. This week has been the complete opposite of IDLE for our family. I am hoping this weekend brings some to our home.

The man I lovingly refer to as my husband, called me from the ER to say he was being told that the MD wanted him to stay the night at the hospital. Unknowing to me that he was even on the way to the ER. (His defense is that he did not want to worry me with the three kids at home) My husband spent the night in the hospital checking out his thirty something heart. I am SOOO Happy to say that he will be kickin' it with me for years to come. We just now have the understanding that a call should be made if we are going to the ER. Dahhhhhhh.

The day he was released, I urgently went to the MD. His lovely nurse scared me by insisting that I was having an appendicitis and would be having surgery that night. Well~ no surgery just adhesion's from a previous surgery, which hurt like hell and required vicodin to decrease the pain.

Both Hubby and I worked yesterday. Football immediately following work. Dinner, Books and Bed.

Today, Moose needs to have a tooth pulled. He has never lost a tooth. The abscess that we have been treating next to his tooth is not going away- so that baby tooth needs to come out. I am nervous for him, even though I am reassuring him that all is well and how much FUN it will be to get something from the tooth fairy.

Friday~ work for both of us. Ahhhh

Idleness come our way.......


BSM: Run Away

Run Away

This weekend I tried like heck to get some good shots. I think the monsters knew I was trying to educate myself and were hell bent on telling me I am fine the way I am. OR they just did not want to have the their picture taken.

I was messing with aperture on a sunny day, shutter speed for RUNNING, ya know trying to catch the action of someone under 2 years old. Also messing with new actions.

There is still so much I want to learn and so little time for myself. I know that is the story of every person. It seems like my time is after dark, when I need to be quiet and the world is winding down. I know this will not be forever, but I am eager to learn now.

Check out Tracey's Rock Star on Best Shot Monday.

This SOOC:
Run Away SOOC


Theme Thursday: Playtime

Theme- playtime

Playtime started out well. Another boy over while the Sharkbait took his nap. All three older boys were quiet. Baby wakes up, all kids go outside to play. Moose tells me they are playing Indians. Bear is a dead Indian that needs to be moved. All is well. I step inside for a moment to cut chicken and marinade it for dinner.

Than.... A yell "MmmmmmmAaaaaaaaa" Moose is bleeding.


I went running to find THIS:

Theme- playtime 2

Moose asked me to take a picture of his first bloody nose. He said he tripped over Bear when he was trying to put him in the pile of dead Indians.

I told him to be careful next time he had to move dead Indians. He was fine and went back to playing. The great thing about my boys, they only are hurt for moments.

Stacy has some great pictures of playtime that dont' involve blood.



BSM Football
BSM Football 2

Fall is arriving. This means Football around here. 3 times a week with games on Saturday. And it even is on the TV all Saturday and Sunday.
Not the best pictures, but I laugh when I see how much fun Moose is having.

Enjoy your week.


Blue Day

Memory Vintage
Memory Vintage 2

My heart is heavy.  I want to see Sunshine in every situation.  But today I can not find that.  It is been 16 years since he passed.  Time has not made it easier, nor has it made it fade.  Even though he was sick for a couple of years, the morning he passed still echoes so loudly in my thoughts.

Today will be filled with distant stares, mind drifting to what if's, and the numbness that has not fully left my heart. 

Every so often I am graced with the most beautifully bright, orange-ish red sun rises.  I do get a BIG grin and think of my brother.  On those mornings I feel warmth and have fond memories.  I normally see them on my early morning long commute to work.  Those are the thoughts that I want to consume me.


Theme Thursday: Friendship

Friendship 2

For boys, friendship looks so different. It is a good game of tag, hide and go seek or looking for treasures. They do not talk about feelings or who was nice to them. They simply want to play together.

I strive to give my boys a great life lasting bond with each other. Both my husband and I losing a sibling when we were adolescents and my husband not being as close with his brother really heightens my sense. My vision is for my boys to call each other once a week, to have impromptu family BBQ's, and to have each others kids over at their house to play with their cousins. Friendship is not hard at this age, it is simply who is at the park or my friend's kiddos. But when they are teenagers how to keep them bonded? I want them to have differences and be unique, but not stray from each other. Will it be harder due to the nature of the TRIO of boys?

Right now I just bask in the warmth of hearing my boys try to be sneaky together, trading toys with each other and wanting to know where the other ones are if they are not in the room with them.

Stacy over at Land of KA has some great pictures of friendship.


Say Hello to My Little Friend

Say Hello to my little Friend

Say Hello to my little Friend B

Why is it that kids need to have toys at the table? It has been a long standing rule at our house that toys do not belong with us while we were eating. Is because they think that the siblings are going to steal their possessions if left unattended. Which is probably true if you are the last to finish a meal.

Bear tried to justify this toy at the table. It is not a toy Ma, it is a crocodile. In my mind I debated the argument myself. He was eating carrots, asking for seconds, quiet, and not bugging anyone else. Why I am trying to start a battle? Is my rule of no toys at the table going to be an issue if I give in today?

So like any good mom, I took some pictures and than said that the crocodile had to eat elsewhere and not the table. He might try to eat someones fingers. Or worse you. No Ma he can't eat me, the crocodile is a toy. Well than, my rule is no toys at the table. Surprisingly he said OK and put it on the counter top.

Wow, did I really win without a battle.?.





Tonight after work I switched out toys. That means that the toy box that had ALL Star Wars toys was put in a bin that went back down in the basement and other toys were brought back up stairs. I rotate toys every couple of weeks, sometimes sooner, and sometimes later. The kids have soooo many toys that when I rotate them this way it seems like they are new again. They play great for awhile with them. I know I need to switch out toys when they are getting restless and won't play with the toys in the baskets.

It took some time to organize all the toys. We separated them by theme and than I bring out one or two different themes at a time. The only problem that I am having is that if I put some toys in their rooms to play with upstairs, but they never stay up there to play with them. I should be so happy that they want to be under foot all the time. My hope was that they would stay up there for 10 minutes to play quietly. I know sometimes that my vision of what I would like to happen is only a fantasy.

So this was my Best Shot Monday, 10 minutes of peace while old toys were given a new life tonight.
Visit Tracey at Mother May I for other great BSM.



Bear 1st day of Preschool

Bear Lego

Bear started Preschool last week. He is quiet about how school goes. But he does talk about new friends: MunCarlo- I think he means Juan Carlos. I got a call today from a mother of one of the boys in class who would like a play date. I was excited. Bear has never had a play date of his own. He often falls in shadows of his older brothers' friends and my friends kiddos. When I drop him off he seems so shy and quiet. I wonder what he becomes when I am not around. Is he talkative, playful, funny, serious?

Does anyone know why the second picture looks grainy/blurry in the blog, but when you click on it, it is clear? Any suggestions......


Theme Thursday: Rest

Bear still sucks his thumb. We successfully kicked Moose's thumb sucking habit. It was a lot of hard work, rewards and bribing. Thinking it might be Bear's turn to quit. When I was looking at him he seemed so peaceful and sweet; he had his woo-woo, thumb and was quiet with his eyes closed on the couch. The moment lasted long enough for Sharkbait to come hit him with a Star wars toy.
Rest does not happen for long periods at our home anymore. Gone are the days to 2 naps for 2 hours each. Those were the days; what did I ever do with myself.

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