Darth Vader Bobble Head

Do You Have Your Very Own Bobble Head????

When McDonald's was giving them out with a happy meal did you run out to get yours?

Well I discovered that mine was right in front of me.

We still do not know what he will be for Halloween tonight, but maybe this is a strong hint. Now if I only had an all black outfit- which of course I don't.

Darth Vader Bobble Head Similar

Have a Happy Halloween...
Be Safe.......

I think that we look like GHOSTS.......
Pumpkin Ghosts


Theme Thursday: Create

Since I am surrounded by BOYS. I love when they want to color, paint, decorate, or glue. Basically creating anything.

One thing that they do really like to do is Spin Art. Cheap little Rose Art craft project. I like when they are choosing colors to mix and thinking of the end product. We don't do this often but it is fun when we do it.

Welcome to our Spin Art Fun.
Spin Art
Spin Art B

Stacy over at Land Of KA has some fun Creating images


Sucker Maddness

Sucker buddies RS
Sucker Jar
Sucker Jar 2
Sucker Jar 3

My two younger boys are addicted to SUCKERS......

This is what I found a week or two ago. Sharkbait is only 20 months!!!! How did he learn to scale the pantry shelves. The sucker jar use to be lower and I placed higher on the shelf to decrease how many he tries to eat a day.

I should me thankful that he knows to throw away the wrapper. And when he is finished he throws the stick away. His teeth may fall out, but my house is sure clean.


Favorite Things

Chipolte A
Chiplote Chicken Tacos
Giraffe Bag
Giraffe Bag
Sonic- Limeade- light ice
Camera Strap
My New Funky Camera Strap
Zebra Shoes
Zebra Print Shoes

I had a great weekend to enjoy some of my favorite things. This is no comparison to Oprah's Favorite things. But my hour can turn around if you just offer me one of these things.

Yes~ food can be the key to my soul.

I often joke with Commander about quitting our jobs and owning a Chipolte. I would probably weigh 400 lbs and work way too much. And my hidden blessing right now is that the closet one is about 20 minutes away. So I really have to plan to enjoy this treat.

My giraffe print bag was splurge on ebay. I am not a big ebay shopper. But I was looking for a bag, and did not want to spend more than 40.00$ Bingo- here it is.

Sonic Limeade. This has been a love for many many many years. It started in high school when I played competitive softball. My freind and I would get one on our drive to practice. Now a days I look forward to Sonic's Happy Hour. Yes I said Happy Hour. Drinks are 1/2 off between 2-4 every day. Sometimes on the weekends after kids go to quiet time I run over to get my slice of heaven.

My new camera strap. It is made by My Funky Camera. She has some really great designs. They go fast so if you like a certain one- order that day. The next week it may be gone. On the inside of the neck strap is soft fabric.

Bing is a recent found treat. One of my best friends introduced me to this drink. It is an energy drink with a great Black Cherry taste. Caffeine does not effect me like most people. I can drink a Pepsi minutes before going to sleep. Coffee is great but does not wake me up~ I love the warmth and taste of the coffeemate or flavor in it. Bing does not make my heart race or make me wanna clean a each of my home. It is expensive, on a good day with the King Soopers sale it is 3 for 5.00$ Pricey. So I do not indulge in this delicious drink very often.

My zebra print shoes. The flat shoe looked so boring to me. I wanted to spice things up. Maybe it is because there is no girlie in my house. Or just because....
Gotta love Ross or TJ Max- can't remember which one.

What kind of favorites do you have? Maybe I will find a new one.


Sweet Spot

Car Crash

Car Crash 2

This little guy is so fast.  He definitely was giving me a run for my money when I was trying to learn something.  I don't know why children under two years old can not sit still for more than 10 seconds.......  especially in the name of education. 

Both pictures are processed pretty much the same.  I do like that he is blurred in the background (is the term boken?) and the car and his hand are in focus in the first picture.

This past spring I took a class at the local camera shop.  I have learned a lot from StacyLauraRee, Digital Photography School online and others.  I want to thank each of these people for opening up and sharing their knowledge. 

Time is what I need.  I want to learn more.  How do you learn more about photography and post processing? 

I have mulling over the idea of asking friends to let me play photographer with their kids or family. I am nervous to say.... I want to shoot your family- will you let me? I should not be, due to the fact they all know this is one of my favorite hobbies, but what if the pictures totally suck??????


Theme Thursday: Story Tellers

Shag Reading
Both Reading SOOC
Bear Reading SOOC 2

I sat there for the longest time, I must of took over a hundred shots. But I was determined to get it right.

This night the boys were so content on reading to themselves in Bear's room. It was peaceful and Bear's radio was set to a soft radio station. I was happy to be exploring my hobby and watching my boys be content.

I played the ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed, until it all came together. These pictures are SOOC. I think I did alright. There is a little blur, but the light you see is what I saw that night.

Stacy shares a great story teller for you at her site. Stacy thanks for inspiring us each week.


New Surgeon in Town

Surgeon 2

As I watched Bear play this game, I was surprised at how skilled his hands were. If you look closely you will see that he just took out the heart. There was NO buzzer.

For those of you who do not remember, if the buzzer goes off it is the next persons turn. Which means that you must of touched the side of the tiny opening. He loves to play this game, well of course when you hardly ever touch the side, it is always your turn.

Did he already find his calling in life? Or maybe he is just good with this hand eye coordination.

Is the banner a BIT much? Maybe it should be smaller and not so in your face with the sea food diet.


Halloween Party


The BIG Halloween Party.....

One of my personal favorites. I love to see all the kiddos dressed up and running around. Little imaginations working over time.

This years menu was:
Ghoul's Punch
Ghost Poop
Mummy Toe's
Pumpkin Berries
Pumpkin Berries
Ghost on a Stick
Ghost Mellows

Pumpkin Roll-Up's- for the parents
Pumpkin Roll
We played games like Slimy Eye Ball Hunt, Wrap the Mummy Relay, Pumpkin Candy Toss, Pin the Nose on the Witch and a few others
Party B

I think that the party was a success. I know my kids had a good time. Sharkbait would not dress up as Yoda (the costume I bought) but oh well maybe another year (all my kids had a hard time dressing up at such a young age). My friend came over early to help set up and even dressed up last minute as Princess Leia and ran some of the games.

This year I split up the 17 kids into three groups to play all the games. I think it worked much better. Each group was small and every kid did not have to wait long to have a turn.

The food was not much of a hit. Ghost Mellows were pure sugar tasting. The only person who liked them was my dear friend B. Ghost poop was alright- fudge; who does not like fudge. The drinks had eyeballs (frozen cherries) in them and most of the kids I found out HATE ginger ale. I should of just served bag candy and all the kids- except one would of loved it. But I am sure the parents would have not been happy with me.

Next year- I might try some science experiments and use dry ice. I really enjoy having this party, can you tell. Commander did a good job at taking the group picture and all the action shots of the kids.


Theme Thursday: Fall

Pumpkin a
Pumpkin Patch 2a

My favorite season. It's great that you can wear short sleeves, jeans with flip flops one day and than need hot cocoa after a freezing football game the next.

The third picture is the road to my parents house. During this time of year it is covered with leaves. It is straight out of a TV show. Did anyone watch October Road, it reminds me of that movie.

Stacy's pumpkin patch might be bare, but the one of her son is too cute.



Reflection- RS

I swear I can only keep the glass on the this door clean for about an hour.


He recently got a new hair cut. It was a BAD one. So since than, I have been styling it. Do you like the Faux-Hawk? Thank goodness he is not in school, I would hate for anyone to think that we were Tampa Bay fans having him sport a Ray-Hawk.

He won't be sporting this do for much longer, but I am trying to make the most of a BAD haircut.


LEGO Magazine

Lego land 3
Lego land 2
Lego land

Every time this magazine lands at our house, Moose is consumed for days with it. When Commander got home, they read it cover to cover.

I think that Commander enjoys this magazine just as much as Moose does. It is nice to watch the interaction between father and son when they share a passi0n.


Theme: Sunshine


Bear and I had some alone time, which is usual highly regarded at our house. Moose was at a friends and Sharkbait was napping. When I was trying to play with him, he kept being so angry at everything I said. I kept thinking that this doesn't happen until you are a teenager.

I tried shift gears and have decorate the front of the house with the Halloween stuff~ Nope didn't work. Take a walk to the mailbox~ Nope that didn't work.

Finally sitting down and watching Transformers~ Halloween edition. He held my hand and giggled at he cartoon. Rough start to our alone time, but amazing finish.

I was trying to get some flare in the picture. I am sure my neighbor thought I lost my rocker. I was practically lying on the sidewalk, snapping photos of Bear while he walked by. I still need to work on the technique~ but had fun doing it.

Stacy has really great pictures of Sunshine. Makes me wanna have a glass of red wine and sit down.


Tree House

The idea of the Tree House came up awhile ago. Maybe a couple of years. Nana wanted a two story high Tree House for the monsters to escape while they are at her house. I said NO WAY!!! They will fall and break bones. As they got older, it seemed like they would really have fun with it.

Moose has been drawing up plans for about a year now. Ideas included a tight rope, slide, fireman's' pole, trap doors, and other wild things from a 6 year old's imagination.

Serious talk started late summer about gathering supplies. More importantly gathering free or used supplies. Construction started in September. What was thought to be a weekend project took over a month to complete. Long weekends and many nights after work.

This Tree House blows me away every time I see it. Painted as a cabin, it fits perfectly in the back yard. The ladder is high enough off the ground that sharkbait can not climb up my himself yet.

Amenties include:
Stable Ladder
Trap Door with a Pulley System
Functional Windows
Toys and blankets for use in Tree House
Horse Swing- Coolest Swing EVER

Here She Is From Start to Finish...........
Tree House 1
Tree House 2
Tree House 3
Tree House 4
Tree House 5
Tree House 6 Tree House 8
Tree House 7
Tree House sign 1 Tree House sign 2

The Final Product:
Tree House Final



Anniversary 3

I love being married. It's so great to find that
one special person you want to
annoy for the rest of your life
Rita Rudner



Star Wars
Star Wars 3

Boys all under the age of 8
Minimal tears
No serious injuries

Did you notice that Sharkbait had his own light saber.  He was never very far from the action. Why wouldn't any 18 month old want to be in the maelstrom

I tried to take a back seat approach to the neighborhood Jedi fight.  I told the boys to be careful with Sharkbait.  Tell someone if they are hitting too hard, and help each other out if someone accidentally gets their fingers or other body part hurt. 

I got a kick out of watching their imaginations.  One of the boys was totally reciting one of the movies.  For those of you who don't know your Star Wars lingo a Sithspawn were remade to be more brutal, more cunning, and, in some cases, more intelligent.

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