Cup Cakes

Today we prepared for the BIG event. The Party for the Birthday Boy. The day was filled with lawn care, cup cake making, moving tables, and filling up water balloons. The forecast for tomorrow is 81 with thunderstorms. That is going to make for a cold slip an slide day. I better quick think of other games for those 15 kids to do.

As I am taking pictures of the boys wolfing down the cupcakes, I notice that Moose does not have one anymore. That child is going to eat me out of my house. While Bear begs for a second and Sharkabit takes an hour to eat one.

I personally really like a good cupcake. My personal favorite is Carrot Cake.
What is yours?


laura - dolcepics August 27, 2008 at 9:19 PM  

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I love the one of your boy devouring that carrot cupcake! MMMMMM!!!

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