We were driving past a park while running errands, and Bear said "can we get Happy Meals and go play at the park when we are finished" He said it so nicely and how could I say no. So we landed here. A great park- fun slides, climbing wall and merry go round. It was slightly over cast but humid. What more could you ask for.


Super Heroes

How would you like it if all these Super Heroes showed up at your house for a play date. I know that I felt safe from any danger that day. These Super Heroes are available to save you at your request.


After the Rain

Puddles after the rain are one of my favorite things to do with the boys. They seem to get such joy running through the muddy puddles and splashing the water around. It had rained all morning, so after nap we headed for the trail behind our house to have some fun. Moose and Bear started jumping and running right away. Sharkbait was only slightly more hesitant. He just stood in the puddle, and than just sat there- after a bit he did start to splash. By the time we got home everyone's clothes were wet and cold. But I do think that they all had a great time.



This is one of Moose's first real play dates. He was over the moon with excitement. They played Legos, in the sandbox, a form of tackle/chase football and just good old fashion wrestling. After his friend had left he kept telling me that he loved his friend, and wished me could play with him everyday. I just watched like a bird while those two played. It neat to see their interactions. They would sing songs and talk about superheroes. There was no moaning or groaning over stuff~ like how I would talk with a friend. I hope that this friendship lasts a long time.


Snake Hunter

Last week when I was mowing the yard, Bear brought me this snake. Yes it did take me a minute to realize that it was fake. Ever since than, Sharkbait walks around playing with it. I saw him chewing on this and thought to myself, I wonder what rubber tastes like. Yah- maybe I don't want to know.



It was exciting to see all three of the boys in the sandbox playing together. Sharkbait is still figuring out the different textures of the sand. The older boys tell me they are digging to China. I announced to the neighborhood kids that they could help dig to China if they wanted and the neighbor boy corrected me and said it would be too hard to dig through the core of the earth. He just turned 5 years old. Oh my monsters don't stand a chance.
I am still in awe to think that a year ago I holding this baby and thinking of how many years before it would be that they would all play together. Now before my eyes Sharkabit sits in the middle of the hurricane. He seems so calm to be the midst of all the noise.



So it was Graduation Night. Our little monsters belted out some songs, released a balloon to signify letting go and starting a new stage in life and ate some cookies. They both were really cute standing on the stage singing. Bear was a little shy. Moose acted like a seasoned pro. I was very proud of how well behaved they acted in the crowd full of kids. The last picture is with one of their best friends.

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