Green Eyes

Commander and I were we sitting at one of my favorite restaurant's (Chick-fil-a) last night with the 3 monsters and we noticed how green Sharkbait's eyes were. He thinks it would be cool if we end up having one of each flavor, blond hair-blue eyes, brown hair-brown eyes, and red hair-green eyes. I think that Sharkbait's hair will change over time to brown. But I agree that would be cool if we have one of each flavor.


Watch Out ........ PGA

What a good day to practice some golf. The older boys got up early to go golfing with Pop on Sunday morning. They had a great time. They carried their own clubs to the range to hit the balls. I heard they almost made it through an entire bucket of balls. Pretty impressive for their age. Pop was holding is head up high that morning when they came home.



Sharkbait discovered the slide recently. He loves to slide. Even though he still doesn't have control over his body as it flings down the slide. He giggles and gets right up and tries to go down again and again.



Sharkbait loves to be in the middle of the things. He was wrestling with Bear and giving him the Bidness. I was surprised, he was holding his own. But man is that child loud. I think that he is trying to out talk his eldest brother. It is fun to watch Sharkbait interacting with the older boys. They both really like to try and play with him. Well except when he wrecks their forts or men that they have set up. Then they want nothing to do with him and yell for us to get him away.


Behold, the Legos are Back

It's 6am and Moose wants me to build the Mission to Mars Command Center. His creative juices are really starting early today. I love to watch him build. Moose was not given much patience in life, so to watch him sit take the time to create a ship, a center, or a machine shows me that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. I just need to channel that energy into the rest of his life. Well until the damn man breaks or falls apart, than the storm of frustration hits and he melts down.


She's Alive!

Commander was so excited to final hear the PURR of the engine on this evening. He had been working so hard to get her running. So out he went on a quick ride to make sure she can go the distance when he can really open her up. What a different man he was with only a 15 minute ride. Now if the only the weather would cooperate so that he could really ride. Someday there will be sunshine.


Power of Pink Socks

Man alive did Bear light up when he put on these pink socks of mine. He was so proud of himself. He was sitting there with such a smile on his face. Than he told me that he could jump really high in them. And would you know he was right.


Man and Machine

Commander has been hard at work to get this gal running. It has been painful for him to not ride to work in such gorgeous sunny 50 degree weather at 6:45am. Wonder what it feels like to have the wind blow through his hair. Oh wait he does not have any hair. Anyways soon enough he will be enjoying this gal and hopefully not getting any speeding tickets when he opens her up.



This is one of Bear's favorite foods. Before bed he sometimes asks me to go store to buy him donuts for in the morning. On his special day I took him for donuts before school. He was over the moon, he wanted to sit alone to eat (I think to savor each bite without me talking to him).

Land of K.A.

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