Devoured with Love

I got up earlier than all the troops, so that I could eat a peaceful breakfast. Well by the time that I got my coffee made and breakfast ready to start cooking, some the troops were up. Not shocked because is was 6:45 am, and I know they don't want to waste a minute to sunlight on sleep.
So, on to plan B- still make breakfast and hope that I get to eat it before it is cold. While trying to wolf down my breakfast, someone was very interested and asked for a bit. Shocked that he liked it and even more surprised when Moose asked me to make him and egg toast breakfast. Since one of the troops was still sleeping it was an easier task. To add a special something for him, I put in a heart. When I served him his plate, he had a BIG smile. Moose ate the breakfast so fast. Like how I envision a teenager to eat. He ate every last drop of egg on the plate. I took that as a compliment to the chef.
30 minutes later when the other trouble maker woke up to eat- Moose ate a second breakfast. But this time it was not gourmet at all. Pop tarts........


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