Oh Sexy Girlfreind

Moose keeps talking about his girlfriend. Well~when doesn't he talk. She is on the same T-Ball team and boy I'll tell you what, he is over the moon with her. When we arrive at the fields he looks for her. He knows what kind of car her mom drives. Thank goodness she likes him back. They throw the ball together and luckily they got put on the same team. After practice is over- when Bear is playing, they roam around together. Her mom even jokes "have you seen the love birds". I made a comment that he wants her to play Star Wars with him, and her mom said she likes Star Wars. Moose says that she is R2-D2 and he is the storm trooper that gives her coverage. What more could guy ask for: older, tall, pretty, likes t-ball and Star Wars. Bummer that she is goes to a different school, he may have found a soul mate..............


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