Catchy title. Can you guess who's freckles belong to who?
Commander no cheating.

Of course, I Googled about this post- doing my research. Big surprise that freckles are genetic. I knew that I would like for a little girl to have freckles (visioning someone like Julianne Moore)- but on my boys I was not sure. Commander has a few, but nothing like me. All my boys have angel kisses. But very unique to them. Whenever I am thinking about their angle kisses, I am surprised how different they look from one to another.
I have tons......... BIG, little, and all over. Moose has a couple of tiny ones on his nose and cheeks. Bear has the most; they are medium sized. Sharkbait does not have many yet, but they are the biggest.
Some very famous men had freckles, so I can hope that our boys follow in their footsteps: Vincent Can Gogh, William Shakespeare, George Washington, Galileo, and Mark Twain.


Stacy July 24, 2008 at 7:33 PM  

Awww...what cute freckles! I noticed my kids have a few...I love freckles. Anya's got a nice little round one on the bridge of her nose. Just appeared all of a sudden when she was under one years old. :)

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