Praying Mantis

Commander and Moose were out grilling and saw this Praying Mantis on our screen door. Of course Moose decided that he needed to capture the bug and save it for later or keep it. He quickly ran to get the bug cage. Commander grabbed and threw it in. Thank goodness no lives were lost in transition. Over dinner we were told how the female eats the male and the boys eat insects. Moose kept asking if we could keep it~ with no hesitation the answer was always "No". So after dinner, we needed to go see if the bug stayed alive. Indeed the praying mantis was getting restless in the cage. Moose really wanted to take it out, but under no circumstances would he touch it. Great Grandma was here to save the day. She just let that bug crawl on her hand and up her arm. Moose cringed with every movement. I know they are masters of camouflage, but he was green the entire time- before he ever went into the bug cage. I finally convinced the troops to let him go.


Anonymous July 19, 2008 at 12:54 PM  

Thank you so much for posting all of your wonderful photos of the boys and all of their adventures. I pull your blog up every morning while I have my coffee and look and see what all you have been up to. The boys are growing tooooo fast. They are just darling. I am so glad that Gen gets to see them regularly. She sounds good when I call. I wish there were a way that she could have a little place to have a small garden at her place. She sounds like she needs a bit more to keep her busy. Thank goodness she enjoys walking. We are working on getting things in order with our home here and our new one. We got ours sold and have purchased one with an ocean view. I took some photos but they were not very good, I was too busy talking. I will try and send some on to you. Take Care and Thanks again for your great blog.

Love, Aunt Connie

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