Cake Pops

Cake Pops are dessert on stick. Not only do some people make them so darn cute, they taste really good too. I have admired Bakerella's talent for awhile. She makes all kind of goodies, but I love her designs on all of her cake pops. She is really talented. I have followed her blog before she was making the book, or should I say before she published her book. Since I have liked looking at her site, of course I wanted her book for Christmas.

So this my first attempt
Iso 1600, f3.2, 1/50

not all of them would stay on the stick
Iso 1000 f3.2, 1/60

And the chocolate did not melt like I had wanted.
Iso 1000 f2.8, 1/60

These are not the prettiest. But they tasted good. I brought them to a party and they went over pretty well. I would like to make some that turn out and are kind of cute looking. Practice I suppose.


Cara January 21, 2011 at 6:13 AM  

I love cake balls/pops. Once I made a cake that did not release from the pan and ended up making cake balls and they were fabulous. I have a hard time with the chocolate though, I tend to seize it.

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