In November my hubby and I went to New Orleans. He had business and I had well pleasure. I spent my days wandering, eating, wandering and relaxing. After he got done with his stuff we would head out for the evening. So much great food. One place I loved was Cafe de Monde. How could you not love beignets. So I brought a box home to make for my kids. The smell of burning oil turned most of them off, but my middle son (sweet tooth) loved them. They of course did not turn out like the New Orleans beignets, but still it was the idea. The trip was refreshing. Much needed. I am glad that the in-laws were willing to watch my monsters for 5 straight days. Thank you...




jmross January 7, 2011 at 3:28 PM  

Fun...I make the Hispanic equal sopapillas. My mom & dad went to college in New Orleans and she still talks about the beignets...out of this world.

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