Two Must Haves

Moose, Bear and Sharkbait all have two basic needs in life to help comfort them. One is the the left thumb and the other is their woo~woo. The thumb is obvious for sucking, and on road trips and right before drifting off to sleep they all make this humming noise. Hard to describe this nasal rhythmic noise; it is especially delightful when trapped in the car with all three when they are about to fall asleep. Than the woo~woo; all have a different color: Moose~Blue, Bear~Red, and Sharkbait~Green. The Woo~Woo's were made by Gram and the Aunts'. They come everywhere, but please do not ever try to leave home without one. This would be cause for tears, screaming, begging, thrashing, and kicking. This picture reminds me of how content with life you can be when you are surrounded by your two favorite things.


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