This is one of Bear's favorite foods. Before bed he sometimes asks me to go store to buy him donuts for in the morning. On his special day I took him for donuts before school. He was over the moon, he wanted to sit alone to eat (I think to savor each bite without me talking to him).


Connie May 2, 2008 at 11:07 AM  

I love the new photos. I have not looked at them in a while. I hope you are feeling better. Gen said you have Bells Paulsey (sp?). That is tough. You had it once before didn't you? Take care of yourself.

I have been very busy with things for Mark. He is working in Gold Beach now and coming home on the weekends. I am not crazy about having him gone all week but I guess it could be worse. He could be further away and not home on the weekends. So I better not complain. I have been calling Gen every few days and she is really sounding much better. She was so excited to get her driver's license back. I am not sure that is a good thing but she did it and seemed very proud of herself. I am so glad she has gotten so much better. Mark really enjoyed getting to go and spend time with her even though it was not easy.

WEll. Take care of those CUTE boys and I hope you have a great Mother's Day. Stevi will be home and Rick will not. I am glad one of them will be here. Rick has a Guide Camp on the river that weekend but should be home by sunday evening.

Love, Connie

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