Yum-o as Rachel Ray would say. Commander suggested I try this deli, because he knows how much I love deli sandwiches. Currently my oldest and I share a Wise Guy at Spicy Pickle. (Which we love) Now we have found a new one to share as well. The Itialain at Snarf’s is just as good. I love that my oldest has a great flair to try new foods. He likes to eat and will pretty much try anything. As long as one of his buddies is not there to tell him how gross it might or might not be. Moose can eat more than me by far. Sometimes at dinner he has about 3 servings. He is a skinny guy that is literally still running around from the time he is awake. At some point we will need to teach him portion control so that he does not struggle later in life. Commander and I love food. I am sure we hope that all 3 will have an appreciation for it. Well maybe when they are able to buy their own food. The thought of three teenage boys in the house eating at once scares me. We will be solely shopping at BIG BOX stores probably once than once a week to feed them. If I have it correctly we’ll have an 18 yo, a 17 yo, and a 14 yo for 3 squares a day. Instead of saving for college maybe I should save for a food fund.


Now that was a GOOD sandwich.........................


Stacy September 14, 2010 at 10:11 AM  

That does look super yummy. I have a friend with 4 boys that are about 3 years apart. She already is feeling the food budget crunch, so I think you are not wrong in that assumption. After DH told me how much he ate in HS, I am glad for only one boy. ;)

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